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WelcomeWelcome to Rockin’ the Rage, a non-profit charitable organization with a mission centered on creating a national paradigm shift towards refocusing attention on kindness. We believe kindness – an intrinsic ability of the human heart – is a necessity for positive growth and success of our children and a cornerstone of society. 


Quite simply, we want people to be NISSE©! Pronounced nice, NISSE© is a simple, memorable, and observable acronym developed by Michael Scarano, M.D., and licensed for use to Rockin’ the Rage, that has the power to provide a foundation to address our societal and school climate issues of RAGE©.


The program takes a holistic approach to creating a school culture of safety and positive growth. The essence of the organization is that students can have a say in what happens in our society.


More times than not, children feel that things are happening TO them, AT them – not necessarily FOR them. Rockin’ the Rage nurtures the students’ abilities and their needs to generate the ideals and ideas to make a change.


Find out more about the Rockin’ the Rage program on our About page.


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March 13th, 2013 – Rockin; the Rage was featured on Washington News ABC 7

Youth Leadership Summit

Thursday, May 2nd – 9am to 4:30pm

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Dinner Event Details Coming Soon


The song below is our anthem and was created for the purpose of touching the lives of children.  By purchasing this song, you can support this mission.  To purchase this song go to iTunes and search for “Spin this World the Other Way.”

© 2011 written and produced by Lisa Horan & Stephen Joseph Antonelli,

PopMark Media. To purchase the song, visit iTunes.

All proceeds go to Rockin’ the Rage.





  • Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School, selects Rockin’ the Rage as one of its capstone projects for undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Meeting with Congressman Chris Van Hollen, of Maryland’s 8th District, to introduce Rockin’ the Rage.


  • Rockin’ the Rage student clubs/chapters begin in Shady Grove, Gaithersburg and Forest Oak Middle Schools.
    • 1/6 student popluation in attendance at Shady Grove Middle School.


  • Since its inception, Rockin’ the Rage has presented its mission to over 2000 students and 500 teachers/staff.

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